ASKMI UV-400 TCRF Product Catalog

High hardness and good transparency , good adhesion.

Good insulation and protection substrate for the conductive loop and the protection circuit, Hardening effect can be adhesiveimmediately.

More Information
Characteristics: High hardness
Market application: Consumer Products
Market application 2: General Industry
Color: Transparent
Compliance: No
Brands: ASKMI


Viscosity(mPa.s ):50±10

Exposure conditions(mj):1000-1500mj/cm2

Storage condition:25℃



Main application:UV Insulation

Application description:Can use together ITO/PET and ITO/Glass .

Curing condition:1000~1500mj/cm2


Surface Hardne:≦2H

Touch model:For Membrance Screen printing

Mix ratio:One Part

Shelf life:3months