YINCAE SMT 256 EP/SMT 138 EP Product Catalog

Self -leveling and self-soldering adhesives.With higher stable electrical and thermal conductivity, outstanding reliability and easily rework. Eliminate the gassing from the soldering process, flux residues and solder bleed.

More Information
Characteristics: Self -leveling and self-soldering adhesives.
Market application: Semiconductor
Market application 2: Optical Components
Color: silver white
Compliance: RoHS/HF
Brands: YINCAE

Appearance:Silver white

Viscosity(mPa.s ):50,000~100,000

Storage condition:-40℃@6months


Main application:Soler paste with joint encapsulant

Application description:Replaces traditional solder paste to provide higher specification reliability

Mix ratio:One Part

Curing condition:Reflowprocess(140℃~260℃)


Shelf life:-40℃@6months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):7-8

Thermal Conductivity(Watts/meter℃):>30

Working Time(@25℃/hr):>8

Transition Temperature(Tg):<20°C

Young Modulus(@25°C):26.3Gpa