YINCAE SMT 158 Product Catalog

Filler size <5nm

Combination of capillary flow and no-flow underfill, rapid curing, fast flowing liquid epoxy which can be used as an underfill for flip chip, chip scale package, BGA devices, PoP and LGA application.

More Information
Characteristics: Nano-level underfill
Market application: Semiconductor
Market application 2: Optical Components
Color: White/Black
Compliance: RoHS/HF
Brands: YINCAE


Viscosity(mPa.s ): 3,500~8,000

Storage condition:-40℃@6months


Main application:Under Fill for BGA and flip chip

Application description:A device that requires a specification reliability such as BGA FLIPCHIP

Mix ratio:One Part

Curing condition:15minute@150°C,In-linecuring


Shelf life:-40℃@6months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):1.8

Working Time(@25℃/hr):>8

Transition Temperature(Tg):149°C