YINCAE SMT 256/BP256 Product Catalog

Applied by Dipping, screen printing and dispensing

Enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate solder joint cracking for CSP, BGA, Flip chip and PoP (package on package), particularly for lead free application / Replace underfill material

More Information
Characteristics: lead free application / Replace underfill material
Market application: Semiconductor
Market application 2: Optical Components
Color: Transparent/Black
Compliance: RoHS/HF
Brands: YINCAE

Transparent /Black

Viscosity(mPa.s ): 5,000~20,000

Storage condition:-40℃@6months


Main application:Solder joint encapsulant

Application description:A device that requires a specification reliability such as BGA FLIPCHIP

Mix ratio:One Part

Curing condition:Reflowprocess(140℃~260℃)


Shelf life:-40℃@6months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):1.05

Working Time(@25℃/hr):>8

Transition Temperature(Tg):98°C

Young Modulus(@25°C):26.3Gpa