ASKMI R-500C Product Catalog

Protect Paste, Solvent-free andthickness of the coating of high-low, stable continuous printability.

After the processing operations can be easily peeled off, the surface will not have the presence of residue after peeling .

More Information
Characteristics: stable continuous printability
Market application: Consumer Products
Market application 2: General Industry
Color: Black
Compliance: No
Brands: ASKMI


Viscosity(mPa.s ):350~500

Storage condition:25°C



Main application:Removeable

Application description:Suitable use at inspection glass scratches , for antistatic , CNC cutting .

Curing condition:130℃/30minute,150℃/30minute

Touch model:Antistatic, CNC cutting, strong wash

Mix ratio:One Part

Shelf life:4months