In order to enhance reliability, reduce heat dissipation and reduce plant operating costs, the appropriate lubricant is particularly important.SIl-more Industrial Co., Ltd. Agent  "MOLYKOTE lubricant" Can reduce the friction to greatly reduce the energy consumption in mechanical equipment operation, not only protect the environment and save costs." Increasing awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development. Let's take a look at the potential savings.

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Precast Hollow concrete roofs and floor plates. This series of plates can be used in hotels, motels, schools, prisons and other commercial-use buildings.

This plate is poured into the concrete by pouring 54 Feet long,2 Feet wide,8 Made of an inch-thick mold. Each mold is placed on four desktop vibrators, each vibrator about 2 Feet high. Once the concrete is filled with molds, through 15 Horsepower motor-driven vibrator starts and oscillates the die4 Minute until all the air was removed, the concrete solidified.

The problem is that the gas is not the only thing that is removed, each time the vibrator starts, but also the grease that is used to lubricate the bearing. As a result, the bearing wear over and premature pressure failure. The operation must be stopped in order to replace the bearing.

Therefore, the production supervisor seeks a grease that can be used for a long time to the local distributor. Recommended Use by Distributors MOLYKOTE br2-plus Multi-purpose E.P. Grease.

MOLYKOTE br2-plus is a lithium-base grease containing an optimized solid lubricant ratio, including molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), coupled with other highly effective extreme pressure additives. It works as well, whether at high speed or low speed or under high load reciprocating motion. So for the company's machine oscillation movement, this grease is particularly suitable.

In the use of the company, the gearbox and bearing will be subjected to heavy load. MOLYKOTE br2-plusThe formula is suitable for the high load work, reduces the friction coefficient and the metal contact, minimizes the wear and promotes the running-in condition. Under load, containing MoS2 the boundary lubrication film is deposited from grease to the sliding surface, so it can also be used as emergency lubrication. Unlike the materials that the company used in the past, MOLYKOTE br2-plus It is used for a long time, and the bearing life is prolonged.

Vibrator every 8 Minutes to use 4 Minute, grease lubricate every day. Before the company used a bucket every month 120 Pounds of Grease. Since switching to MOLYKOTE Since the grease, significant cost savings. What is this for?

Estimated bearing life expectancy is extended by an incredible600% MOLYKOTE br2-plus By reducing the cost of bearing usage and reducing the downtime required for bearing replacement, it does increase efficiency and cost savings.