SIl-more Industrial Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 1995, withElectronic plastic Material Specialtyoperation, adhere to the quality of service, after 20 Years of continuous temper, in theIndustry has been the industryThe customer affirmed that, In addition to obtaining ISO multiple certifications, but also to the well-being of enterprises as the goal, growing, but we are not satisfied with this, based on the social and diversified management policy, forJoe is a medical student.Planted the seeds.

SIl-more Heal th and Medical Founded in May 2015, focus on overall metabolism/Diabetes corner of the health care and beauty product development and sales agent, integrated global metabolic field of professional products, from the body metabolic conditioning, to skin care and so on, adhere to quality, provide a complete range of care.

We uphold the integrity, harmony, positive, professional, service and innovation of the core value, is our company consistent service principle, protect your all-round balanced metabolism, integrated entity and network access, always with you, fast service, Fast Service with accurate solutions for your health.



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