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Business Philosophy

In order to provide professional service, innovative techniques, quality and responsiveness, as well as local support, Sil-More set up Tainan branch office in Taiwan, and set up China branch offices to provide 18 years of Just-In-Time service in supply chain management in China. Thailand branch office started to run in 2013, as well as Vietnam branch office just started in 2018 to provide customers in Asia the best Just-In-Time service.

With steady product development and channel partner’s technical and service support, Sil-More Industrial Limited leverage strategic partnership with the international well known chemical distributor Krayden Inc. in 2015 and expand service to overseas markets. Sil-More group has obtain sustainable growth and earn recognition and support from customers.

Based on the business concept of Honesty and Integrity, Harmony, Positivity, Professionalism, Service Oriented, and Creativity, Sil-More provides customer the best service quality, strengthen customer relationship management with outstanding performance. Sil-More utilizes diversified management and marketing channel in semiconductor, power electronic, and optoelectronics industry not only integrate pioneer products, but also provide professional technical service with significant support and acknowledgements from the customers and good reputation in the industry.

Vision & Goal

Sil-More provides various and comprehensive electronics adhesives along with our professional field in high-tech industry, serving customers with honesty and integrity, developing market proactively, focusing on product quality and corporate reputation with social awareness and sustainable development.

Sil-More’s Commitment

          • Sil-More’s operational policy is its core value

          • Sil-More ensures customer satisfaction with its honest service

          • Sil-More’s goal is to maintain sustainable development and is responsible for corporate social responsibility

          • Sil-More provides Total Solutions in Electronic Glue based on professional knowledge.

          • Sil-More leads the industry and create additional value for customers and channels

          • Sil-More’s corporate social responsibility is to focus on environmental protection

Core Value

          • Integrity is the basic principle of dealing with people

          • Harmony is the achievement of mutual esteem

          • Enthusiasm is the aggressive attitude of responsibility

          • Professionalism is the key to success

          • Quality service is the way to last business corporation

          • Innovation is the core value that we believe in