PTTC  Established in 1998Founded in the Hsinchu Science Park, the first professional in AsiaPPTC(Polymer positive temperature coefficient) manufacturing company. Our company has a leading technical advantage to provide customers with innovative circuit protection and thermal management products solutions to ensure the current high density electronic products security and reliability.

Main Business Projects

Electronics 0 Component Manufacturing: 
Research, development, production, manufacture and sale of the following products: 

  1. Duplex heat-sensitive variable resistors, overvoltage protection components and process related semi-finished products , Modules and molding tools
  2. Thermal base plate, heat dissipation module, heat dissipation material 

LedLighting Fixtures and Modules

  1. PTTC TCI-B-C260 非矽型高導熱膠 BLACK,1KG-CAN
    PTTC TCI-B-C260 非矽型高導熱膠 BLACK,1KG-CAN

    Excellent Thermal Conductivity/Easy Process/Thermal Curing at elevated temperature/Customized structure available