DOWSIL™ SE 4486 CV RTV TC=1.6W 190P WHITE,330ML-CRT Product Catalog

Thermal Conductivity&Adhesive Sealant

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Characteristics: Thermal Conductivity&Adhesive Sealant
Market application: No
Market application 2: General Industry
Color: White
Compliance: No
Brands: DOWSIL™


Viscosity(mPa.s ):19,600

Useful temperature ranges (℃):-45℃~+200℃

Storage condition:25°C(77°F)



Application description:Adhesive,especially developed for use in thermal applications that IC substrate, power component ,LED/AL substrate/IC/heat sink, involve micromotors, relays, switches, and other such devices.

Curing condition:48Hrs@RTV

Mix ratio:One Part

Volume Resistivity(ohm*cm):2.0E+14

Take free time(@25℃/min):4

Shelf life:12months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):2.6


Tensile Strength(psi):570

Dielectric Strength(KV/mm):20

Thermal Conductivity(Watts/meter℃):1.6