DOWSIL™ 2634 E2C COATING CLEAR,20G-BT Product Catalog

More Information
Characteristics: Excellent oil and water repellency to surfaces
Market application: Consumer Products
Market application 2: General Industry
Color: Light yellow
Compliance: No
Brands: DOWSIL™

Appearance:Colorless to pale yellow

Viscosity(mPa.s ):1.0mm2/s

Storage condition:25℃


AS/AF Coating

Application description:Flat-panel displays. / Touch -screen displays on electronics devices / Office equipment / Cellular phone components / As reduced-fouling coatings for optical fibers

Curing condition:1.Cure8hoursatroomtemperature,2.Cure1hoursat50℃(122℉)and50%relativehumidity(RH)

Mix ratio:One Part

Shelf life15Months

Non Volatile Content%:20%

Water contact angle with2uL(Water contact angle with)degree:>115

Abrasion resistance rubbing test eraser MB006004,5N,1500cycles (Water Contact Angle) degree>110

Abrasion resistance stainless steel wool#0000, 10N,2000cycles,1cm2(Water Contact Angle) degree>110

Water contact angle with 5days sweat aging and stainless steel wool#0000 10N,2000cycles,1cm2(Water Contact Angle) degree>110

How To Use:Spray Coating