DOWSIL™ Q3-6611 ADHESIVE BLACK,18.1KG-PAIL Product Catalog

Adhesive with good flow ability and high tensile strength

More Information
Characteristics: Good flow ability
Market application: Consumer Products
Market application 2: General Industry
Color: Black / Gray
Compliance: No
Brands: DOWSIL™


Viscosity(mPa.s ):92,375

Useful temperature ranges (℃):-45℃~+200℃

Storage condition:25°C(77°F)



Application description:Non-flowing adhesive with high tensile strength

Curing condition:1Hrs@120℃/30minute@150℃

Mix ratio:One Part

Shelf life:12months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):1.32

Tensile Strength(psi):850

Specific Gravity(g/ML):1.32

Cure conduction:1Hrs@120℃/30minute@150℃