DOWSIL™ 7920 BLACK SDA,10G-SYR Product Catalog

Insulation,Low modulus and CTE.

More Information
Characteristics Insulating glue
Market application Semiconductor
Market application 2 Optical Components
Color Black
Compliance Green Level 1
Brands DOWSIL™


Viscosity(mPa.s ):20,000

Useful temperature ranges (℃):-45℃~+200℃

Storage condition:-25~-10℃@12months



Main application:High thermal die attach and TIM1

Application description:Suitable: IC and MEMS package type

Volume Resistivity(ohm*cm):2.10E+15

Curing condition:30minute@150°C

Mix ratio:One Part

Compliance:Green Level 1

Shelf life:-25~-10℃@12months

Specific Gravity(g/cm3):1.2

Working Time(@25℃/hr):24

Specific Gravity(g/ML):1.2

Thixotropy index:2.9

Cure conduction:30minute@150℃